As we are dedicated to keeping you safe when you come to our office:


We ask that you do not eat or drink in our office to ensure that your mask is not removed at any time. (The building lobby is right outside our door and you may do so out there)

Before your appointment

Please call us to postpone your appointment for two weeks if you are experiencing or have any of the following NEW OR UNUSUAL symptoms during the week before your appointment: 

Cough or trouble breathing

Severe and new persistent Headaches


New persistent cough or Sinus congestion

Severe Body aches

****Please consider getting a covid-19 test if you are experiencing any of these new symptoms above****

Day of your appointment

Once you arrive please knock on our glass door and someone on our staff will take your temperature and ask you a few questions before you enter to be sure that you are in good health. 

*Please try not to bring children to your appointment.  If you have a spouse or another adult with you we may ask them to wait in the spacious Atrium/Lobby right outside our door. If you need them during your appointment they will have to submit to the same questions and temperature check to rule out any illness. 

(We hope that vaccinations, masks and public health precautions will get us through the next few months and we can then ease up on these public safety precautions!)